Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Qureshi

  Director Information Technology
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Directorate of Information Technology
IT- PUMHS: Speedy and Effective access to Medical Knowledge

The past few years have seen rapid advances in communication and information technology and the pervasion of the worldwide web into everyday life has important implications for medical education. We need to increase access and bring down the cost of the education-IT is the answer.                 
Peoples' University of Medical and Health Sciences (W) established the department of Information technology with the object to provide  anytime, anywhere, collaborative access to variety of learning resources, multimedia approach, authentic and up to date information, access to online libraries, educational data storage, distant access to the sources of educational information, establishing multiple communication channels  i.e. e-mail, chat, forum, blogs, etc. and their effective management to all the students, faculty and researchers of the university.
Our department imparts formal teaching of basic computer skills to the students as envisaged in the curriculum. The Wireless Internet Service has been provided in all hostels, faculty offices and different departments including affiliated hospital. The users can access the Internet service 24-hours with 22-Mbps bandwidth through HEC PERN-2 setup.
Our Digital library is a managed collection of information with associated services where the information is stored in digital formats and accessible over a network. It provides access to resources for research, trainings, scholarships and jobs. The students, faculty members and staff can use HEC Digital Library with more than 4000 research journals, e-books and other research information.                        
Recently a high capacity broadband telecommunication video conferencing services has made significant addition to medical education at our department. The learning resource centre has numerous features that benefit students, including books, computer laboratories, printer/copier, poster printer, laminator, DVDs and videos. Maintaining excellence in service, environment, and resources, the LRC will adapt to the changing needs of students and faculty.
Our website is source of continuous up-to-date information pertaining to different academic/ research activities, admission process, business activities and faculty information.

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